Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teaching Boys the Bible (Part 1)

Teaching and the Bible are two of my biggest interests.  Then, when my own kids are added into the mix, I feel like the president of the United States couldn't have a more important job.  I want my kids to understand how the big picture of God's plan fits in the scope history.  That's why we study history chronologically starting in Genesis.

The year before, we learned about each day of creation one by one using AOP's Weaver Curriculum as a guide.  We also memorized Genesis 1: 1-27.  This last year we moved on through the Old Testament using Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations & the Bible.  She has a lot of great ideas which include songs, games, science experiments, skits, crafts and much more.  Here are the some highlights from the first unit.
Here is The Free One making fossils.

Unit one included Creation, Adam and Eve, The Fall, Cain and Abel, and the Flood.  Since we had already studied creation in depth, I used this section as a review and spent a little more time on dinosaurs.  We took a walk outside and the boys collected things like leaves, seed pods, sticks, and rocks.  They also made fossils of shells and the footprints of their toy dinosaurs.  We used modeling clay, let it dry, then sealed it with shoe polish to observe the prints better.

Here is a big dinosaur floor puzzle they put together.

We also took a day trip to nearby gardens that have a dinosaur digging sand pit.  The boys found a T-Rex!
The Anchor digging out some dino. ribs.
The Free One unearthing a T-Rex skull.

Here, Mr. Incredible and the boys are using a roly measuring thing to find out how big Noah's Ark was.  We used a nearby soccer field, measured out the dimensions of the Ark and posted someone on each corner.  We also measured out how big elephants, hippos, and other animals are so we could compare them to the size of the ark.  I was amazed at how big it was!

This video shows us on each corner of the ark.  I'm the one with green shoes : ) 

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