Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How To Build A Roman Road (Hole) In Your Backyard.

We've been stuck in ancient Rome for awhile and we just can't seem to move on.  There is just so much to learn:  E tu Brute, vina vida vici, Roman Gods, and of course, the birth and life of Jesus!  

It's been such and exciting time period that we just keep digging in...literally.  Really!  Like with a shovel in our back yard.  

We were learning about how the Romans built their roads and The Free One, in true Free One fashion, jumped up put his shoes on and ran into the garage.  I was still sitting there wondering where he had gone when I spotted him in the backyard digging a hole in the dirt with a shovel.  I opened the door and asked, "What are you doing?"  "I'm building a road!" he answered.  I thought, "OK, why not?"  

So here is how you build a Roman road (hole) in your backyard.

1.  Dig a hole in the dirt with a shovel.
2.  Fill it with sand from the sand bags you use to weigh down your car in the winter.
3.  Never mind your white tennis shoes.

4.  Smooth out the sand with a garden spade.
5.  Find some rocks and throw them on top of the sand.
6.  Don't even think about digging up any of the weeds that are growing up through the bark dust.

7.  Mix up some water and dirt to make mud.  This will be use as "cement."
8.  Mix some of the "cement" with some gravel that your dad just recently spread out on the driveway and pour it on top of the rocks.

9.  Jump up and down about ten times with your tongue sticking out of your mouth because you're so    excited that you're almost done with your road.
10.  Mix the rest of the cement with sand and gravel together and pour that on top.

11.  Be sure you have sat in the dirt at least one time so that your pants look like they've been working hard.
12.  Finally, gather some of the broken bricks that you hammered off of your front porch last summer when your mom wasn't looking, and lay them on top of the hole.

And that's how you build a Roman Road!

Click on this diagram below to visit a site with lots of information about how the Romans built their famous roads!

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  1. Anonymous7.11.12

    Lol!!! So like his father love it lol.


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