Friday, August 10, 2012

Failing At Socialization

Let's face it!  Socialization is a problem for homeschoolers, and I've got the pictures to prove it!  Here are five pictures from this Summer that prove that we are on our way to becoming completely socially awkward homeschoolers.

#1:  The Crack.
 In the days of diaper duty I did anything I could to get some comic relief.   I used to pull up my son's pants really high and then laugh to myself as he toddled away with his waistband clear up to his chest.  He was almost two when he finally caught on and would protest, "Not bigger!"  Since then, he has worn his pants really low and as a result his crack shows often.  I find this very unfortunate, because this condition seems to run in my husband's family and I was really hoping to break the cycle with my boys.  Now it seems as if I have only reinforced it.

#2.  Crotch Grab A.
I've been trying to teach the boys that scratching, tugging, adjusting, or any kind of movement that requires the hand to be directed in the area of the crotch is always socially unacceptable.  They have yet to master that part of being socialized.  

#3.  Crotch Grab B.
Much more practice is needed with this whole being "socially acceptable" thing.  

#4.  Wedgie Removal
You'll be happy to know that after this day we retired these shorts.  The Free One now has 3 new swim shorts that fit him and don't ride up.  

#5:  Too Much Fun At The Fountain
How do you tell a kid not to straddle the water sprayer?  What reason do you give?  I've watched every single child (boys and girls alike) do this at every fountain we've been to.  I've chosen to ignore it for now, but it makes for a pretty awkward picture.

Alright, you guys.  I can't be the only one with socially challenged children.  Or can I?  Leave a comment and tell me your funny "socially unacceptable" kid stories.  'Cause if you can't have perfectly socialized kids, you should at least be able to laugh about it  : )


  1. My son likes to sniff people when he meets them. So at any given moment, in any given place he might just lean in and take a big ole' whiff. Oh but it doesn't end there. He will then continue to tell the person what he smelled. Comments such as "You smell like you just took a bath" or "You smell like last nights dinner" or my favorite "you smell like a dirty butt" oh yes my friend ALL of these - and more - have been said to various people.

    1. Lisa Lisa, kids keep us humble, don't they! I'm glad I'm not alone : )


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