Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where we do school.

There was a time when I envisioned my children sitting in desks at home doing their schoolwork.  I even bought some antique looking school desks at a rummage sale one year.  You know the wooden kind with the seat attached to the desk.  They had inkwells and everything.  Ya, they sat in my basement for a couple of years...unused.  Then I turned a room in our basement into a schoolroom where I kept all of our supplies.  This was useful for a co-op that I ran out of my house for a couple of years, but for everyday homeschool it was impractical.  I needed my children to be in a place that was convenient for me.  That meant in the dining room right next to the kitchen.  Moms can understand this!  So this year I repurposed my dining room hutch for school supplies (more on that in another post) and my dining room table becomes their desk  I've also found that it is impossible to do school in only one location.  We move where our learning activities require us to be.  So besides the numerous field trips we take, here are the places that we "typically" do school every day.

After breakfast is all cleaned up and the boys have finished their "bathroom chores" they get their supplies from the hutch and start their assignments at the kitchen table.  I'm usually finishing up the dishes or getting another cup of coffee by this time.

When there is an especially messy assignment or an involved art project we usually go down to our craft room.  The kids can also come to this room whenever they want to paint or make collages or just create something.  Here we are making fossils for a lesson on dinosaurs.

Whenever we are reenacting something, playing a game, or doing something that is bigger than the table we usually end up on the living room floor.  On the left my son is putting together a big floor puzzle.  On the right my other monkey is doing math on the i-pad.  (No it isn't Halloween, they just like to wear costumes.)

For PE, or just because it's a sunny day we will often be out in the yard.  In this picture we are using the front yard for our Olympic games during a study on ancient Greece. The red plate is a discus.  Can't you tell?  : )

I painted the pantry doors with chalkboard paint mainly so I could write my shopping lists on them.  Little did I know that we would also use these for a good ol' fashioned black board for school.

So those are the places you will usually find us during school.  Now it's your turn!  
Leave a comment.  Where do you do school?

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