Monday, August 22, 2011

Angry Birds In Real Life! Educational and Fun!

The boys were a little bored while we were at the beach house.  
They only wanted to play games on the i-pad.  They didn't want to play in the sand.  They didn't want to go to the playground.  They didn't want to do any crafts or ride their bikes.  They wanted to play Angry Birds!!  So I gave in and let them play Angry Birds...(but not on the i-pad.)  The result was a fun, educational game involving physical exercise, engineering, physics, problem solving, and creativity.


  1. Anonymous23.8.11

    that was awesome!! especially the slow motion:-) what a fun day! - jeanette

  2. Yes! More fun beach days coming up soon!

  3. Anonymous25.8.11

    LoL I had to watch it on my phone but I love Jen

  4. Anonymous25.8.11

    Ah. After a long hard day I get a good laugh. Thank you oh HomeTaughtTot Mom. JR


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