Monday, October 17, 2011

Seven Years Old!

The Free One just turned seven!  
I can hardly believe seven years have past since my sweet, bouncing, little baby boy entered the world.  Each day I love seeing glimpses of the man that God is shaping him to be.  I know that God has big plans for this boy.  In honor of my big seven year old I am posting some highlights of our homeschooling adventures together over the past few years.  Enjoy!

He was two years old when I started a preschool co-op in my home.  Here he is getting measure on the yellow ruler wall.

 Three Years Old:  Here he is making boiled egg sandwiches at the pre-school co-op.

All the children wore chefs hats and aprons for their "cooking" class.  They were so cute!

When he was three we were using the Weaver Curriculum for preschool.  He is showing off his sponge shapes painting.

 Peanut butter play dough.

Playing with shaving cream on the bathroom mirror.  We were learning about reflections.

Observing geodes.

He joined a soccer team when he was four.

Swimming is his favorite sport so far.

He is five years old here.  We are growing crystals.

Driving down decimal street to the hundreds house.

Learning about ancient civilizations.  Their stuffed animals were kings who wrote decrees and sealed them with their signet rings.

Here he is six years old.  He is making a really big bubble with a hula hoop.

"May day!  May day!"  He is checking out a cockpit at the Aviation Museum.

Helping his brother learn shapes with the geo board.  He is such a good big brother!

Johnny Appleseed needs no introduction.

Cub Scouts is his latest seven year old adventure!

Happy Birthday to my big seven year old!
Check out this post:  "Making Birthdays Special" for tips on how to make your child feel important and loved on his special day!


  1. Anonymous18.10.11

    Memory lane!!! I learned alot from his lesson to me about buoyancy, Jen

  2. Anonymous18.10.11

    He looks so grown up in that cub scouts uniform. Wow with his hip h&m jeans lol. A cool cubbie:) jen

  3. Jen, I know, I can't believe just how grown up he looks sometimes! It's going be so fast! On his birthday we looked at his baby book and the photo album you made of his "big boy" adventures! Thanks for being such an awesome aunt! and thanks for commenting : )


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