Thursday, October 20, 2011

XtraMath! Mastering the basics.

Math Flash CardsI'd like to introduce you to a gem I recently found.  It's called XtraMath, and this is where it's at:  Actually, a fellow homeschool mom introduced me to it, who found out about it from another homeschool mom, who probably found out about it from another homeschool mom, and so it goes with homeschool moms.  But, this is definitely not limited to home schooled families.  Any child (or parent, or teacher for that matter) can benefit.  It is a free online program that quizzes you on your basic math facts.  You know:  the sums, the minuses, the times, and the divides.

Here's how it works:  
1.  You sign up for a free account.
2.  Enter your childrens' names.  A teacher can even enter all the names of children in the class and use it in the classroom or as part of homework.
3.  Click the green arrow and get started.  It's that simple!!

It's designed so that your child does this everyday.  It will go through a series of short quizzes and will even tell you when you're done for the day.  If you get the problem wrong you get a red X.  If it's right you get a green .  If it's right and you did it very quickly you get a yellow smiley face : )  When the whole chart is covered with smiley faces you get to move on.  You even get progress reports automatically e-mailed to your inbox showing your child's scores and the dates they participated.

It's all automatic!  And the best part is that I don't have to flip cards in front of my son's face day after day watching his eyes glaze over as he forgets what one plus one equals because he is so literally bored out of his mind.  My "Free One" loves it!  It's exciting for him to try to "beat the clock."  He gets so excited when he gets smiley faces.  There were even a few hoots and hollers from him today.

I even signed my self up for this and have been doing this every day.  I plan on convincing my husband to do it too so we can get a little contest going.  Who am I kidding?  I know he would win.  But, I think it would be fun anyway.  (Maybe if I practice for a while first, I might have a chance.)

Moms, teachers, everyone...this is a no brainer!  Do the math!  Click on the icon below and sign up today!

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